Personal Narrative-Nola's Ice Storm

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Exactly one year ago today, I saw something mind blowing, but not in a good way. At first is was light snow falling down, everyone got out of their pods to look at the beautiful sight. Then all of a sudden tiny bits of razor sharp ice started falling, slowly starting to to grow in a few minutes to full on icicles. Mahem was all around me and I specifically remember my family and Nola’s family covering their head and running to Nola’s parent’s pod. Even though all of us got there safely, some fell as victims of the ice. This ice storm is what ruined all of us, because of this storm Nola’s family couldn’t go to Earth because the conditions were severely hazardous. Food supply was scarce because it was such a great risk to go outside of our new advanced pods that had to be transmuted to face the ice. Dad’s moved all of his work supplies into the pod, cramming it in so it barely fit in. Dad couldn’t just stop getting all these resources that we crutialy need to stay alive. Now, Nola and I live…show more content…
What happened?” I said as I’m opening the door.
“Guess what!, okay so listen carefully because this is a lot. We were selected to do an absolutely amazing life changing mission!” Nola squelled.
“REALLY!” I said with excitement lacing my voice.
“Yes! So the organization gave us this special type of container that we have to catch a star in, we have to bring that star in the center of the storm and that will warm up the storm and will take it away. Scientist have figured out that the ice falling down repeals when it is in contact with heat. So we have to bring that star in the middle of the storm and make this place a lot more habitable.” Nola rambled out to me.
“Why’d they pick us?! How are we going to do this? Do my parents know? What is-”
“YUKI! Our parent know about the mission and are thrilled about it, they said we were “randomly selected” and we will get all the details tomorrow when we go to the department and train for the mission too.” Nola said
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