Ice Water Conversation Analysis

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Here is my breakdown of the many conversations you will be having during rush. There is 4 rounds of rush: Ice Water, Philanthropy, Sisterhood, and Preference.
During ice water you usually talk to about 3 to 4 different women at each house. The conversation is all about getting to know you. Some of the questions they will ask is: What’s your major? Where you’re from? Why did you chose to go to LSU? Why did you chose to rush? What do you do for fun? What were you involved in during high school? Are you living in a dorm or apartment? My advice during this round is to make it more of a conversation rather than an interview. Ask them questions to get to know them better such as what made you want to go Greek? or what is their major? It will
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They will mostly be talking about their philanthropy (a charity they host events and raise money for) and the events they have for fun (grubs, semi-formal, formal, chapter retreats, intermural, etc.). They are supposed to ask you more in-depth conversations, however, they will most likely ask you the same questions that were asked during ice water. Again, I would try to make it more of a conversation and ask them questions about their charity events or sisterhood events. Such as what is your favorite Greek event?
During Preference you will usually talk to 1 or 2 women at each house. These 1 or 2 women you most likely have met during the previous rounds. They’ll ask you how are feeling about your final houses? Do you see yourself becoming a member of their sorority? Not to be too blunt but they are basically asking you if you are going to put them first on your bid list. My advice would just to be honest about how you feel. If you really like them, you can express that. If you are confused you can ask them why they chose their sorority.
My final advice is to just be yourself. I thought rush was fun and not really stressful. All the sororities have great girls and they all would be lucky to have
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