Ice Water Experiment

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Heissmeyer was discovered in 1959 working in his TB clinic in East Germany. At his trial, he said: "For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs”.25 At Dachau from August 1942 to May 1943 freezing experiments were conducted for the benefit of the German Air Force. 26 The experiments were done to investigate how to treat people severely chilled or frozen. Two types of experiments were done; the first were by ice water and the second were dry land experiments.27The ice water experiments were to test how to rewarm pilots who crashed into the sea and the dry land experiments were to test how to rewarm troops fighting in deep snow and freezing temperatures. Walter Neff testified on December 17-18, 1946 the experiment was done in a wooden basin two meters long and wide. Neff testified there were a number of political prisoners, some foreigners, prisoners of war and inmates who were condemned to death experimented on.28 The basin was filled with ice water to a temperature of three degrees Celsius and the subject in a flight suit or naked were placed in the basin. At thirty-two degrees body temperature the subject became unconscious. The subject was kept in the freezing water until the body temperature was twenty-five degrees Celsius. The…show more content…
He altered the vocal cords of a child who had a melodious voice and the twin did not. 42 Posner further states Mengele sent skeletons of a hunchback and his son who had a deformed foot to Kaiser Wilheim Institute.43 Mengele subjected a group of Polish nuns to extreme X-rays; bone marrow transplants; cut off the breasts and thigh muscles for cultivating material; stood on pregnant women’s stomachs until the fetuses were expelled; dissected a one-year-old while the child was still alive; killed an old man by hitting him over the head with an iron bar; burned 300 children alive in a pit of fire, according to
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