Who Is The Antagonist In Icebreaker

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Directions: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Title: Icebreaker Author: Lian Tanner Genre: Fiction Write the names of the most important characters in the story and identify the relationships between these characters. The major characters are Petrel, Finn, Missus Slink, Mister Smoke. In the beginning Petrel, Missus Slink and Mister Smoke have a strong bond because Petrel has no where to stay and of course rats have to hide away to. Eventually when Finn comes he does not trust anyone because he has a mission. Eventually in the end Finn and Petrel create a strong bond and are happy together with Mr. Smoke and Missus Slink by their side. Who is the protagonist and antagonist? Defend your answers with examples from the book. The protagonist is Petrel. She has a very kind heart and always tries…show more content…
Smoke, Missus Slink, and some of the other crew members were introduced. The ship called the Oyster, was also introduced and how it has been on the same course for 300 years. Rising Action: The captains of the three tribes see a figure on an iceberg for the first time ever since the Oyster started its course. Climax: On the iceberg it is a human, a boy, that is frozen ice cold right in the Oyster's path. Falling Action: The Oyster and Squid meet for the first time in the path in the ocean. Resolution: Petrel, Mister Smoke, Missus Slink continued on the course together north, to start a new adventure. Choose one of the following questions to answer. Think of one way that a person in the story solved a problem. What kind of trouble was he/she in? What was the problem to be solved? Do you have any of the same problems? Write what you learned about solving problems that you could use in solving a problem of your own. Petrel solved the problem of trusting strangers and having faith in everyone. She also solved the dispute of the tribes arguing over if they should let Finn stay but eventually she just snatched
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