Ichabod Crane: A Short Story: The Headless Horseman

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This story star when Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hallow detective to find out about cases of beheadings. A rational man driven by logic, come to discover the murderer : The Headless Horseman driven by a sorceress who watched when I was only a child his death and led by revenge ( as they drove to his family in the village when she was little ) , pushing the rider to behead people and she has the head of the rider and he will not rest until recovered. Thus, the film ends with the rider manages to recover and go on a trip with the witch into the bowels of hell The story takes place in 1784, near the Dutch settlement of Tarry Town (Tarrytown, NY) in a valley called Sleepy Hollow section. This is known for its ghosts and haunted atmosphere that…show more content…
She is "plump as a partridge, ripe and melting and rosy-cheeked as one of the peaches from his father." She also, as the only child of his father, has "great expectations". Although it is also something of a flirt, the perspective of their heritage makes it look like Ichabod a desirable bride, and he determined to win her.Ichabod's mouth watered when he contemplates the fruits of the earth Baltus Van Tassel old. He dreams prairie fat, rich fields wheat and rye, buckwheat, and Indian corn fruit will be his if he can win the hand of Katrina. Once married to Katrina, you could invest in large tracts of land. One can even imagine Katrina with a family of children, establishing him for promising new territories in Kentucky or Tennessee. It is, however, the sumptuous comfort of the house Van Tassel that makes him realize that he must have Katrina.Katrina Winning, however, presents a problem in the person of its rugged, difficult to use Dutch boyfriend, Abraham Brunt, nicknamed "Brom Bones" because of its size and herculean strength. Brom, who has long considered its Katrina, Ichabod recognized immediately as his rival, and his Roughriders band played a series of jokes about Yankee school teacher. However, his jokes stop by the fireplace singing school, disrupting school even train your dog to whine when Ichabod singer-do little to thwart the progress that Ichabod believes he
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