Ichabod's Short Story: The Headless Horseman

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Ichabod tried to evade the head of the horseman, but it was too late. It hit against his cranium with a tremendous crash and he was tumbled headlong into the dust and gunpowder. What had happened to him? Was he dead? He was not quite sure if he was in his room, but he knew he was not dreaming. Ichabod immediately touched his head and to his relief he was okay, and for once he decided to be brave and face his destiny. But first, he lit a candle. Ichabod remained silent and was overcome with the feeling of being completely alone and terribly confused. The Headless Horseman could be near, maybe in the same room even. But to his surprise, he had spared Ichabod’s life. There he stood in his quiet and usual room with the candle that had wiped all his fears away. What is all of this had been just a dream?…show more content…
Without thinking another thought, Ichabod ran for his bedroom door only to find it locked and him trapped. Then he heard footsteps. Chills and terror ran through him; this would be how his life would end. Ichabod cried out, “Please do not kill me! For the love of God, would someone please save me?” Then it spoke, “I would never do anything to hurt you for I am you, Ichabod”. Ichabod suddenly turned and was shocked to see that the man was him. It was as if he were staring into a mirror. He began to ask, “How is this possible?” “You are not who you think you are, Ichabod. Your life has been an illusion. You and I, we are both special. See you do not remember the pain, the hatred, and the sense of helplessness of being left without something like your love, a piece of yourself, and your honor, but I do”, the man answered, “That is why we wake up at night and fight for our revenge”. He was himself the nightmare and the monster. His life had all been fake. He was the Headless Horseman, and now he will seek revenge once and for
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