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ICN COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK FOR NURSE SPECIALIST & RELATED PROBLEMS IN CLINICAL SPECIALIZATIONS ITRODUCTION : Nurse specialist can be defined as a nurse with high qualifications & experiences in a branch of nursing on a background of competencies for general nursing practice in all branches . There are certain standards that should be met by a nurse to be classified as specialist nurse, these standards include : 1-Education for nursing specialty should depend upon a recognized program based on education required to qualify a registered nurse ,& provides experiences & competencies in nursing specialty. 2-Preperations of the specialist nurse are according to the scope of practice & education for post-basic specialist in other professions.…show more content…
(International Council of Nurses (2005 ) Specialist Nurse : A nurse with qualifications & experiences higher than those of a general nurse, & authorized to practice as specialist nurse in one branch of nursing. (International Council of Nurses (2005) ICN Framework of Competencies: The core competencies of specialist nurse are identified by a process guided by the domains of ICN framework of competencies for the general nurse. So the competencies identified will be those for registered nurses working in speciality clinical areas. (Fadwa Affara, 2009, ICN Framework of Competencies for nurse specialist ) Assumptions: . 1- To practice as specialist nurse , an educational qualification & registeration as a general nurse are required. . 2. Nurse specialist should subscribes to all purpose, functions & ethical standards of nursing. 3. Specialty nursing practice is more advanced than the scope of general nursing practice . It includes…show more content…
Specialist Breast Nurse Competency Standard ICN Framework of Competencies Ethical practice Accountability Legal practice Professional, ethical, legal practice Supportive care Identify multiple physical, psychological, social, sexual and spiritual needs of clients throughout the continuum of breast cancer care, and to implement evidence-based supportive care interventions in a flexible and responsive manner, in the context of a collaborative multidisciplinary approach to care, to achieve optimal health outcomes for clients with breast cancer Collaborative care Planning, implementation and evaluation by ensuring the client and service providers are working effectively as a team and that those involved in a client’s care have established secure and dependable relationships to meet client needs Coordinated care Facilitate a coordinated approach to care planning, implementation and evaluation by ensuring a comprehensive range of health and support services needed are delivered in a timely, flexible and efficient manner in response to client needs Information provision and

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