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iCrossing Data & Facts Time In Business: 1998 Dashboard: Couldn 't find, but I don 't think so Contract Length: Couldn 't find, probably a case by case basis SEO Services: • On Page SEO: Yes • Content Marketing: Yes • Social Media Management: Yes • Video SEO: Yes • Public Relations: No Glassdoor Company Rating: 2.7 BBB: No file, no rating, http://www.bbb.org/search/?type=name&input=iCrossing&location=&tobid=&filter=business&radius=&country=USA%2CCAN&language=en&codeType=YPPA Hearst Corporation, parent company of iCrossing BBB: Accredited, A+, http://www.bbb.org/charlotte/business-reviews/publishers-book/hearst-corporation-service-center-the-in-charlotte-nc-101259 Introduction iCrossing was founded in 1998, is a unit of Hearst Corporation and is currently headquartered in New York. They…show more content…
iCrossing does not disclose their rate structure on their website, nor do they confirm any terms of their contract, if they have one. However, this is common in the SEO industry because there are so many different factors that play into what you will be charged based on your individual needs and the size of your business. Other than a few negative comments by former employees of iCrossing, which were a few years old, we couldn 't find any negative trends being voiced by their customers in any way shape or form. It seems everyone is happy with the service they receive from iCrossing, which is very encouraging. [/the-bad] [the-bottom-line] We feel confident in recommending iCrossing as a top-notch digital media marketing company. Their wide variety of services, their positive image in the industry and the fact that their parent company, Hearst Corporation, is so large and well respected, and because iCrossing has all of Hearst 's assets at their disposal, gives us no reason to believe you won 't see a increase in your ROI and in your brand recognition by using their services. iCrossing seems like a solid choice for all your digital marketing

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