Isee Clinic Case Study

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Introduction: The iSee Clinic is an independent hospital based in London(UK) which is an eye hospital. Which provides excellent eye treatment to its patents to relax, to clinically safe and pleasant environment. Most general eye problems that has been treated by the iSee clinic includes CATARACT, Red eye, Dry eye, Glaucoma and Corneal disease. Recently they have established to small hospitals in Manchester and Glasgow. Recently a ransomware attack has been performed into their system which encrypted much of their confidential data on their network. For this reason, the clinic was not able to operate for seven days. Because of this attack the CEO of the company has assigned a network security consultant to ensure that any future attack will be unsuccessful on the company’s network. The main brunch of the company includes a domain controller running windows server R2 and which is linked to other brunch with access to the internet via router. Task 1 Risk Assessment: a. The…show more content…
Server failure: Server is an essential reality for a system. Most extreme information of a system are store in server. Infections, spyware, and system dangers get the greater part of the consideration, yet ecological elements like warmth, mugginess, wind current, smoke, and power can be similarly wrecking to server room hardware. Server failure may include several causes. Physical weakness is one of the normal however can harm. Hard drives comprises of turning plates, blunder can happen when circle cannot pivot on the shaft. Substitution of harmed plates causes server disappointment if the substitution isn't accurately built. Another sort of blunder is power supply interruption of the server, if the power supply is interrupted on server may come up short. Corruptions and other programming issues cause information damage which can prompt to server disappointment. Client over-burden on the server cause disappointment of the
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