Ict Affect Experience Of Teaching/Learning In Secondary Schools

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Q1. How does the use of ICT influence the experience of teaching/learning in secondary schools?
From data obtained from the CSO database, the range of activities employed by teachers during subject inspections that incorporated ICT was limited. From the interviews that were conducted in Ardscoil na Trionoide and Athy Community College the two most popular activities observed were where the teacher used ICT equipment to give a presentation or to look up information on the internet. While a limited number of other activities were employed during observed lessons, which included: word-processing by teachers and students, internet searches by students, for example finding foreign-language newspapers as part of a language lesson or visualising earthquakes on line as part of a geography lesson, using digital cameras, using graphic calculators, especially in Mathematics and data-logging and using digital microscopes in science lessons
Secondly, The interviews of teachers that were conducted for the ICT in schools- Department of education and skills report, asked them about the use they made of the internet to facilitate teaching and learning. Only 34% of respondents stated that they used the internet in their classroom practice. Approximately 66% of teachers, therefore, do not use the internet in their classroom practice. The reasons for not using it included the fact that there were no computer facilities or internet access in classrooms and that the teachers lacked the necessary

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