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The impact of technology in English language teaching knows no bounds. It has been used as a tool to facilitate interactive learning. This paper finds out the various factors of ICT which affects the ELT in the class room. In the field of education, a great deal of emphasis now focuses on the online learning and it is touted as the great liberation by freeing students and teachers to accomplish learning in new and exciting ways. It is high time that a teacher has to realize his change of role in imparting skills to the students. They need to be aware of the changes that may affect them in the future because technology will affect classrooms in developing language skill, vocabulary and other components of language learning. Teacher has a greater…show more content…
A mouse and her child were being chased across the polished floor by a large cat. Mother mouse gathering courage, called out ‘Bow- Wow’ in her loudest voice and frightened the cat away. Heaving a sigh of relief, she said, “My child, now you see how important the second language is!” Man is regarded as the best creation of God. Language is the most beautiful gift that God has bestowed upon man. As Cicero said in 55BC, “The one thing in which we are especially superior to beasts is that we speak to each other.” Different people in different countries of the world make use of different languages. But among all these, the position of English language remains unique. The world is rapidly shrinking today. Advances in the information technology, scientific knowledge and applications of Audio-Visual aids have transformed a sprawling earth into a global village. People of various cultures and nationalities now meet, interact, trade and socialize with ease on a daily basis. Making this possible is the use of a common language- English. It is spoken by over 350 million people across the globe. One person out of every four persons in the world can be reached through English. Under such circumstances, the teaching of English has taken on a special significance and the use of information technology in the English language teaching is proved to be a real…show more content…
The whole foundation of contemporary language teaching was developed during the early part of the twentieth century, as applied linguists and others sought to develop principles and procedures for the design of teaching methods and materials, drawing on the developing fields of linguistics and psychology to support a succession of proposals for what thought to be more effective and theoretically sound teaching methods. Much of the impetus for change in approaches to language teaching came about from changes in teaching methods and Information and communication technology (ICT) plays an important role in making your language teaching more effective and helpful to your students. The idea of using a powerful method is to make your student understand the concept or idea you want to communicate to him. Language teaching and learning is a complex process. There are no right solutions to any problem. But as a language teacher, we try to give our best to the learner and IT is providing us with those solutions which can help us to make our classroom teaching more effective. The uses of ICT and their class impacts are as

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