Ict In Public Sector Universities

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Shandana Arshad

Researcher, NUML

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Hafsa Ahmed


The present study was to explore the hindrances in the use of information communication

technologies in public and private sectors universities in Islamabad. Problem designed to

explore the hindrances in the usage of ICT, it future aim to investigate the role of

management in popularising ICT among private and public sector universities. Objectives of

the study included to identify the hindrances in the use of ICT in private and public sectors

universities, to find out the reason in the deficiency of ICT facilities available
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study found out that there are significant hindrances in the use of information and

communication technology (ICT) among teachers & students of public and private

universities in teaching and learning process. Study reveals the age differences in prospective

of teachers & student perception that the level of hindrances is higher among middle age

teachers as compared to young and old age. Study reveals gender differences in prospective

of teachers and student perceptions that male university teachers & male university students

are more facing hindrances in the use of ICT in teaching leaning process as compared to

female university teachers & students. Study found out that the hindrances in the use of ICT

is higher among MPHIL teachers and students as compared to MASTERS & PHD

programme of teachers & BS and MASTERS programme of students. Study elaborates that

level of hindrances in the use of ICT is more in private sectors universities teachers &

students as compared to public sectors universities teachers & students. The mean score of

the teachers whose income is 30,000-50,000 facing more hindrances in the use of ICT
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Curricula should be concise but comprehensive in nature, keeping in mind time of

lectures and total period of semester .So that private sector teachers implement the

ICT in better way.

8. In-services courses should be arranged regularly for permanent teachers, to enables

teachers to acquire ICT skills.

9. Less experience teachers should be gathered information related to ICT and takes

guideline from skilled teachers & less skilled teachers can play a role to fulfil the

deficiency of less experience teachers.


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