Ict In School Curriculum Essay

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Topic: The Importance of Integrating ICT in school Curriculum
Education is not just reading and writing but using various teaching strategies to teach students and equipping students with skills and knowledge and preparing them to enter the world of work. The introduction of ICT, such as the computers (internet) and advanced electronic devices has changed the education system overtime. The involvement of technology in the school curriculum by facilitators play a major role in maximizing the use of resources and knowledge for students as far as teaching and learning is concerned. In this essay, I will be deliberating on the importance of integrating ICT in school curriculum and how it has enhanced the pedagogy methods in school system. To begin with, ICT stands for information and communication and consists of different tools, devices, electronic gadgets and resources that are used to create, communicate, store, disseminate and manage information (Steadman M, 1998). Studies have found out that the integration of ICT in school curriculum can be connected to progress the performance of efficiency and effectiveness at all level of class setting ( Ager R, 2000).
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The introduction of gadgets and digital media with audio/visual capabilities speeds up the learning process. This process delivers opportunity for the students to actually engage themselves and carry out work instructed by the facilitators. For instance, the use of electronic devices has made the delivery of content easier whereby the students are able to grasp the important concepts more easily and effectively within time frame and show better attitude towards learning. With the use of ICT students, teachers and everyone associated in school system access teaching and learning resources anytime

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