Id, Ego And Superego In The Oedipus Club

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In Freudian perspective, Freud introduces the Oedipus complex, conscious, unconscious, and categories mind into id, ego and superego. In term of sex instinct, Tyler embodied the sex appeal that the Narrator wished for, and as he worked various odd jobs to get by, he doesn’t tied down to a big corporation like the Narrator did. For instance, Tyler represented all of the Narrator's sexual desires, which later saw with Marla Singer. Tyler loved having sex with her. In Freudian terms, the Narrator was subconsciously attracted to Marla, because Tyler was attracted to Marla, and Tyler had sex the way that the Narrator wanted to have sex. Freud writes of "erotic object-choice". It obviously shown that Tyler represented the Narrator's id, which presented…show more content…
The ego is where our conscious lies, and this is the part of our brain which deals with reality. Essentially, the ego takes into consideration what the id wants, and will act upon it in the most socially acceptable way. It is the civilized part of the consciousness, fighting to find a happy medium between the id and superego. Tyler is the high ego person , and the power can fulfill him. From one scene, he said "I'm breaking my attachment to physical power and possessions because only through destroying myself I can discover the greater power of my spirit.” Lastly, in term of superego, Freudian said we all pursue our super-ego, we know we will never get there but we try to be as similar as possible to it. Throughout Fight Club Tyler's personality progresses from the Id the Superego. From fight club to project mayhem, he has a philosophy. Tyler as Id is most clearly witnessed in the fight club itself. When there him and other fighters personify the animal, the beast in man. If Tyler was purely ID then he wouldn't articulate a belief system to explain his wild and childish pranks. Also, Jack grows up via the fantasy of Tyler. Tyler is the one who has uninhibited access to his

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