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It is a tremendous honor to accept the Outstanding Investigative Journalism Award on behalf of Ida B. Wells. And to think her journey all started on one train trip. When Ida was in her early twenties, she was taking a train and seated in the ladies car. Despite the 1875 Civil Rights Act, she was then asked by the conductor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company to give her seat to a white man, and to sit in the ‘Jim Crow’, or black, car. She declined saying that the car ahead was a smoking one and she was in the ladies, and proposed to stay where she was. The conductor then attempted to drag Wells out of her seat, but as she said herself: “the moment he caught hold of my arm I fastened my teeth in the back of his hand.” Wells was then ejected from the train. Ida B. Well’s experience on the train sparked her career as a journalist. She…show more content…
Wells for. The fearless American journalist, activist, suffragist, Princess of the Press, and an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Who teamed up with various women’s organizations, such as the National Equal Rights League, formed the National Association of Colored Women in 1896, is a founding member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, started the Negro Fellowship, and so, so much more I can’t possibly mention all here. Ms. Well’s work has even been cited to inspire today 's civil rights movements. She is an inspiration to activists that are still fighting for equal rights towards African-Americans today. Ida B. Wells is someone made of fiery bravery and courage. Someone who was brave enough to speak out about huge issues when it was dangerous to do so, despite such high stakes. Ida B. Wells has taught me to be extremely brave, and to fight for what’s right no matter how much hate you get for it. Hold your ground and get your point across. I am just so grateful that men and women that fought as hard as Ida B. Wells existed to shape the world we live in

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