Ida B Wells Hero

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Heros’ come in many shapes and forms. Tall, short, small, big, anyone can be a hero, they just have to put in the effort. Though anyone can be a good hero, a great hero is somebody who inspires others, makes a difference, and is selfless.
First and foremost, a great hero must be someone who inspires others. Ida B. Wells is an example of a true hero. She was one of the earliest civil rights leaders. Without her, there wouldn't be many of the civil rights leaders that we know today. She had inspired many. Furthermore, Ida helped found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Also, she dedicated her life to end the practice of lynching. This is the burning, hanging, or shooting of someone without a trial. As Ida B. Wells, mother of the civil rights movement, by Dennis
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However, this quality does not apply to a traditional American hero like Christopher Columbus, who actually enslaved Native Americans for his own profit. Many know him for “finding the United States of America”. Little do they know that he invaded Native American villages. Furthermore, he made a deal with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. As B. Myint explains, “ His contract with the monarchs, called The Capitulations of Santa Fe, named Columbus the admiral, viceroy, and governor of any land he discovered. It also stated that Columbus could keep 10 percent of any “merchandise, whether pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, spices and other objects” that he “acquired” within the new territory. Columbus may indeed have had noble intentions when he sailed west, but his agreement with Spain suggests his intentions were far from selfless.” Clearly, Christopher Columbus was not a selfless hero.
As shown above, a true hero inspires the community, makes an impact, and is selfless. No matter the circumstance, anyone can put their best foot forward and be the hero they were born to
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