Ida Bidson: A Summary

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In 1925 without telling the head of the school board, Mr. Jordan Ida Bidson, a fourteen year old takes over her teacher’s job secretly after the teacher left when an emergency popped up with her mother. Ida and her fellow classmates continued on with their studies hoping not to repeat everything that they learned this year. Until the county examiner comes, she finds out what they are doing but agrees to not tell Mr. Jordan if every child takes the exam. Ida and Tom, the only two eighth graders in the school were the only ones that had to take it to pass the eighth grade and move on to high school. Ida accidentally told Mr. Bixler, Herbert Bixler’s dad that they have not told Mr. Jordan about what they were doing at the school house. Ida and…show more content…
Then Herbert showed up and told Ida about a secret meeting that the school board had set up to keep the school closed for good until the next school year started. Ida and Tom told everyone that they knew about the meeting and asked them to go to it. Ida and the rest of the children won the fight between keeping the school open and closing it. A couple of days later the county examiner came to give the tests. Mary and Felix were the first ones done with their exams. By the fourth bell ring the examiner collected the exams and told them that they would get the results in two weeks or more. Ida waited eagerly for the results. Two weeks after the exams the results arrived in the mail. Ida eagerly opened the package labeled: to the guardians of Ida Bidson. Inside she found a letter it read: Ida Bidson age fourteen, has passed her exam and is now aloud to board high school in Steamboat Springs. Then along with the letter there were two hand written notes. The first one said that everyone in the class passed except Herbert Bixler. The second note said that Ida was allowed to board with the county examiner while attending high school in Steamboat
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