Ida Political Participation Analysis

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Dear Mr. President,

Civic and political participation of the people in this nation is important in order to keep a functioning government and society. If the people of this nation ignores their civic responsibilities and don’t help make important decisions, then just a couple individuals are choosing who merits government positions. It 's our obligation as citizens to ensure our rights and take an interest politically. Lastly, civic and political participation is important because it allows people to be herd, to fight for justice and equality.

What issues or events motivated the person to action?
In 1884, Ida brought a first-class train ticket from Memphis to Nashville. However, she wasn’t able to ride in first class because crewmembers forcibly removed her from the train when she refused to move to the car for African Americans. Ida sued the railroad and won a $500 settlement in a circuit court case, however, the decisions was overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Ida was ordered to pay court costs. After this incident Ida believed it was time to speak out and encourage people to fight for what was right. This inspired her to begin her journalism career.
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This horrible incident inspired Ida to begin her anti-lynching crusade.

A national holiday should be dedicated to Ida B. Wells, who has had a positive impacted on this country because of her civic and political participation for women’s and civic rights. Ida has had a big impact on today’s society because her actions has helped changed the way African Americans are treated and allowed women to have the right to vote. As a woman, I’m allowed to vote and am treated with respect due to Ida’s civic and political participation. Ida has encouraged others to fight for what you believe is
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