Ideal Classroom Philosophies

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2. The strength of these philosophies lies in the fact they are all student centered approaches to teaching and learning. I most appreciate the prescriptive nature of the philosophies meaning that they all are attempting to increase learning and decrease behavior issues by establishing roles, routines, and norms of a classroom. I think if I can actively utilize the approaches above, I can create the type of environment that is helpful to both students and still be a place I want to work in. I do not expect that I can do it all the first year, but maybe over time I can bring in more research based applications of classroom management. I particularly enjoy that a lot of the ownership is placed on classroom procedure and demonstrating the …show more content…

Each wall would focus on different aspects of science. Near my desk I will hang person items, my diplomas, photos, credential, and the like. I would want my desk near the front possibly at an angle but near the front. There would be a projector and document camera so that I can show people various scientific items and or demonstrate various skills. I would want a class with a lot of wall space to allow for ample visual aids and poster areas. I would also have a wall for student work. The whiteboard or chalkboard would have an area for objectives and an outline of student assignments so if a student is absent they can find out what they are missing. If possible I would like to have a classroom pet, I have a turtle I could bring to class and allow for students to see. I am sure she would love to have space to roam and she loves human voices. As far as arrangement of desks, if I can I would have various seating arrangements, many times science classes take place in labs and the location of items such as student desks are not changeable. But on the off chance they are, I would have a seating arrangement for tests with the desks spread more apart, a seating arrangement for group facilitation, maybe put the desks in pods of four to six desks, and then a seminar/discussion where they student are arranged in a half circle, maybe two half circles. Having the ability to physically change the arrangement of desks will provide a visual /physical clue to what is expected of the

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