Ideal Family In The 1960s

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A family is the most precious identity a person can have. An individual whether from a noble, average or poor family can be distinguished by their discipline, character, behavior, customs and living conditions. In every generation parents and children illustrate different patterns and behaviors in family’s lifestyles prior to the previous ones. Family contributes to an individual’s growth, thinking and behavior. The standards for an ideal family back in the 1960s are extremely different than the standards held by an ideal family today. The principles of marriage, on what a family consisted of, father’s leadership skills, wife’s job, how they managed a family, families having meals together, families attending church and children respecting parents and abiding to their schedule. In the 1960s an ideal family would consist of a woman who was pure and innocent prior to her engagement. The wife had to be a virgin for self-respect purposes and…show more content…
Both respect each other’s thoughts and both compromise to a decision. The structure changed since woman started seeking jobs and are providing for the family the same way a man used to before. The absence of a man’s chauvinism enables the woman to be independent, since she knows she can work and provide for herself. In the 1960s the ideal family would have a stay home mother. They had to take children to school, prepared meals to the family, clean the house, wash the clothes, iron the clothes and help children with homework. Also, the woman couldn’t pursue school, they were expected to just do their chores at home without an opportunity for advancement. They had to make sure everything was spotless for when her husband came home at night. Since man were the only one’s providing for the family the wife had to take upon all the other responsibility including raising the kids mostly on her
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