Ideal Self Analysis

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I felt myself learning more of who I wanted to become with each question that I answered in this week’s questionnaire. I knew there was a certain direction that I wanted my life, and my goals, to go, but this analysis really helped me to understand that in a deeper way. This paper will start to analyze the findings of my “ideal self” in relation to the real self and 360-degree feedback. I will be speaking on how I would like to build my strengths and reduce gaps between my ideal self and my real self. I will also, for the sake of this paper, insert some of my question/answer responses to particular questions within this assignment. The “ideal self” is an interesting concept to ponder and to study, but without a real understanding of who you want to be, and what you want to become, you are doomed to live a life of repetition, moving throughout the motions, and pushing from one stage of life to the next. The first question asked by this prompt was “What do I want to be?” (Ireson & West-Burnham, 2004, p. 12). A loaded question for sure, but upon further…show more content…
Something that I always strive to do and to be is someone who chases their dreams. I’ve been known to pursue my passions, I take risks in life (even when I fail), and I try to show love and compassion for those around me. In my analysis, I did point out that there are still some areas that I would like to work on more., and much of this comes from the analysis that I have seen in my life and through the responses of others (360-feedback), but I’ll save the 360 for the next section. I’ve seen areas of my life currently where I am stuck in a repeating motion of doing the same things over again, whether it be good or bad habits. I would like to move forward more in my pursuits, but at my current stage in life, I am focusing on school and work which has pushed back some of my other
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