Ideal Clothing Shake Research Paper

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Full Review of the Ideal Shape Shake Ideal Shape Shake is a meal replacement shake that is claimed to enhance your weight loss thanks to its special hunger-blocking ingredient – Potato Protein Extract. According to the manufacturer, the fact that an appetite suppressant is already included in the shake’s formula makes Ideal Shape stand out from other analogue products. The Shake allegedly provides you with more than 50% of the necessary daily norm of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it contains only 2 grams of added sugar, which sounds impressive. There are 7 different flavors available: vanilla, chocolate, mocha, cookies n’ cream, strawberry, chocolate cream pie, and orange cream. In this article, I’m going to check whether Ideal Shake is really that good as the maker claims. I’ll review it in terms of the quality of its ingredients, its price/quality ratio, and overall effectiveness. Ideal Shape’s Ingredients…show more content…
The manufacturer of the Ideal Shape shake is IdealShape LLC based in American Fork, Utah. Their reputation is also questionable. For example, some clients were extremely dissatisfied with the level of service and the fact that the company didn’t give the full information about ingredients used in their products. In particular, the content of lead stays unknown. As we know, lead is a very dangerous contaminant that causes harm to different organs and also may trigger coma. In some cases, people can die from its effects. And why should a meal replacement protein shake contain ingredients like this at all? A very good question, don’t you think? Yes, we can find lead in certain processed foods because of production issues. But IdealShape didn’t manage even to calculate its proportion to warn their customers! Last but not least, a refund is only possible if you buy products for over $74.99. So when you buy 30 servings of the Ideal Shape shake and get disappointed with its quality and effect, you probably won’t get your money back. Customer
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