Ideas And Beliefs In The Sniper

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Ideas and beliefs are not always worth fighting for. Sometimes, ideas and beliefs are taken way too far and cause more harm than good. All ideas and beliefs should be respected and considered. People should be able to express and fight for good, reasonable beliefs and ideas in a calm, and peaceful manner. It is important to fight for what is right and fair. However, when fighting for various ideas and beliefs risk the lives of loved ones, innocent people, and cause terrifying disagreements and wars, ideas and beliefs are therefore not worth fighting for. Fighting for ideas and beliefs should not result in the harming of the world and people. The story named “The Sniper” shows how ideas and beliefs are not always worth fighting for. This…show more content…
In the story, the sniper finally killed his enemy of the opposing side. The sniper was curious of who he killed. He left the rooftop to see who he had killed. In the story, it was stated, “Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face.” The sniper killed his own brother by mistake. He had killed him, because he was fighting for his beliefs and ideas. It can be inferred that the sniper was devastated. This shows that ideas and beliefs are not worth fighting for, because fighting for beliefs in a rough war-like manner can harm others and it can harm yourself. The story showed how the sniper harmed his brother and how the sniper harmed himself internally. Fighting for ideas and beliefs too fanatically can lead to something like this. This is another reason why ideas and beliefs are not worth fighting for. To conclude, ideas and beliefs are not worth fighting for. The world, the innocent people, and your family should not be the cost of fighting for ideas and beliefs. They are more important and worth way more than ideas and beliefs. However, the expression of different ideas and beliefs are encouraged in a non-violent and peaceful way
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