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Vedas: Vedas are the large body of Indian subcontinent. Vedas are written in Sanskrit language.

Vedas are the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scripture of Hinduism. For

orthodox Indian theologians Vedas are considered revelation seen by ancient sages after

intense meditation. The Vedas are created by Brahma. In the Hindu epic the Mahabharata. The

Veda word is generally made by two words. First is Vidya and second is Sastra. The word Vidya

is the root of “ vid ”. vidya word have a meaning is wisdom. Wisdom is gained by a instruction

and intuition. Vidya is devided in two parts – Karma-Kanda and Jnana-Kanda. Karma-Kanda’s

meaning is work section and Jnana-Kanda’s meaning is knowledge section. The other word

Sastra is
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“ The Vedas are the

source of knowledge of Dharma and Brahman and relation between in these word. The Vedas

are continuous in its language .”

The Vedas have four types. The Rigveda , the Yajurveda , the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda.

Each Vedas are subclassified in four major text types – the Samhitas , the Aranyakar , the

Brahmanas and the Upanishads. After four major text types the fifth category the Upasanas

was added. The statement of Brahma – Sutras is that “ The source of the Vedas is the Brahman.

The Brahmanas are commentaries , explanation of proper method and meaning of vedic

samhita in the foue vedas. In morden time total 19 Brahmana texts have survived. Two

associated with the Rigveda , six with the Yajurveda , ten with the Samaveda and one with the

Artharvaveda. Each Brahmana text is varies with each veda. Aranyakas neither are

homogrnrous nor in structure. There are a mixture of ideas. Its include chapter of Upanishads.

Aranyakar are identified as Karma – Kanda. Brahmana are identified as Karma – Kanda, but

Aranyakar and Upanishads are identified as Jnana – Kanda. Vedas were cycle of creation
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Artharvaveda is also known as the “ veds of magical formulas ”. the Atharva veda has been a

primary source of information of vedic culture , customs, aspirations and frustration of

everyday vedic life.

The Isavasyopanisad – this is a particular upanisad. This is fact that it is the only Upanisad that it

is found as an integral part of a samhita. This fact gives us other name Sanhitopanisad. The

Bhagavad Gita presents a synthesis of the highest spiritual effort. We should carry on the

activies of life. What we are to do? This teaching is explain in the Bhagaved Gita. This is explain

in the Isavasyapanisad.higher enlightenment is impossible if it was possible then it is worthless.

Life is given for you is says the Upanishad. Without the higher knowledge with work and

worship is done by people. In the Isavasyopanishad the same words as the following slokas. If

one man sees all things in own body means he feels their sadness and happiness. And he sees

universal spirit in all same things then there are not need for self protection. When humans are

understands all beings are all pervading then he lost his all sadness. Many thing are written

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