Ideas During The Enlightenment Era

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Imagine a time where your actions, decisions, and thoughts were controlled by a government, and those ideas were strictly enforced. This was what it was like before the Enlightenment Era, and when this happened, it changed the world forever. The Enlightenment Era was a time period where many different types of people came together to challenge ideas from the time, and think of new ideas that would change the world. There are many people that created new and revolutionary ideas, but the ideas of Wollstonecraft, Locke, Smith, and Voltaire share a common overall idea: freedom and equality. The main ideas of Wollstonecraft, Locke, Smith, and Voltaire are similar because they talk about how every individual should have freedom in society, and that everyone is equal. While it is…show more content…
This shows that women should be able to learn about anything they want to learn, and that will make mankind more happy. This proves that Wollstonecraft’s idea is similar because she talks about how women should have freedom in what they want to do. Another example is from Locke, and it says “There [is] nothing more evident, than that creatures of the same species and rank… should also be equal one amongst another without subordination or subjection…” (Locke). This shows that Locke is talking about how every person in society should be equal to each other, and there should be no issue about it. This also proves that Locke’s main ideas is similar because he is talking about how everyone should be equal to each other. The next topic is about Voltaire’s and Smith’s main ideas, and how they are all similar. For example, something that Voltaire said was “If one religion only were allowed in England, the government would very possibly become arbitrary… but as there are such a
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