Identify And Explain The Importance Of The Environment To A Child's Environment

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A child’s environment plays a critical role in their development. As caregivers and teachers our number one priority is to always ensure the health, safety, and nutrition of all children. These factors are all significant because it relates to our overall health. For example, a child who is ill may experience loss of appetite and may not eat which may cause weight loss or a child who is malnourished and becomes ill it make take their bodies may take longer to fight off the infections which could cause potential risk such as accidentally falling and possibly breaking bones.
An indoor environment in an infant classroom consist of low infant/teacher ratios so that teachers and caregivers meeting and responding to children’s needs. This is also beneficial in the event of an emergency but overall protecting the safety of the children. Caregivers should
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There are also safe-right sized climbing structures, ramps and steps. Cribs should be set up in a separate area from active play. For safety precautions doors remain closed, food is picked up from the floor, appropriate foods are offered that are not choking hazards, if a child has medication it is stored in an area accessible to caregivers but inaccessible to children, electrical outlets are covered when not in use and are high up on the wall. Up of the classroom is a shared responsibility. Infants use their hands to crawl and put things in their mouths. Floors should be cleaned as well as toys daily. If there is a potential hazard maintenance should fix the issue immediately or place a work order in. The same would apply to the outside
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