4.2 Personal Skills Essay

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4.2 Personal Skills 4.2.1 Objective 3.1 To identify strengths and weaknesses
Objective 3.2 To select and follow activities to learn and improve performance

In any working environment you are always going to have strengths and weaknesses and it was up to me to identify what these strengths and weaknesses were. As I came in to a job role that I had very minimal experience in a lot of what I was going to do were weaknesses. I had never worked with the software we were using in VMware, and I didn’t really have much experience with server provisioning. Fortunately, my team were very patient when it came to my learning. I was eased in slowly and they always ensured that I fully understood what I was doing. I believe this was how I was able to grasp the job fairly quickly. I was encouraged to ask questions about anything I was unsure of, and I made sure I did as I was able to understand my tasks a lot more. I sometimes made mistakes during the beginning but I never let that affect me, I just took it as more of a learning opportunity rather than becoming negative like I may have done it the past. I was constantly challenged by my team, and I could see the confidence they were getting in me after each task, I embraced the challenge as I have always been competitive and
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I have ensured that I have been well dressed for work and ensured that I have used the appropriate manner in the working environment. I have remained professional in all of my tasks that I have completed be it internally within my team, working with other teams, or working with external visitors such as HP and NITCO. I have included a statement from my supervisor that confirms that I have adopted the above objective this can be found in Portfolio of Evidence
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