Identify Success Goals

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There are three types of success goals that apply to everyone, they are; internal success goals, external success goals and future success goals. Every individual wants to succeeded in their life, whether it is now or in the future or whether it is in the in their career. Although, making your goals come true e is not always easy. One who wants to success should put hard work into their dream and never give up. It is also very important that you start putting all this work since middle school so you are prepared.
One of my internal success goals would be to be to become better in Language Arts and Geometry. Because they are core classes they are very important for me to have good grades on and do my best. Because I missed a whole quarter it is very hard to be up to everything and understand deeply all the lesson and chapters. I would also like to become better at Language Arts also because I am not very good at writing and I feel like it’s one important skill to have for the future, because that is a way to communicate and write all your feelings and thoughts. I would also like to become better at Geometry because I don’t
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Soccer is really important to me because in Spain mostly everyone plays and is a way to have fun but still does exercise. What I also like about soccer is that you disconnect from school and you forget about all your quizzes or tests and just have fun without stress. I want to become a better soccer player because then it will be easier for me to play and I will not embarrass myself in front of other people or friends. Another one of my external success goals is that I want to be way more organized in my room. I am very organized with my school work but surely not in my house. What I can do to make myself more organized is to find time for me to just take a while and organize it all and also to buy organizing bins or
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