Identities Under Siege: A Case Study

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What is Identities Under Siege: Lori A. Saffin describe it as Violence Against Transpersons of Color, which, result in victims being murdered and being imprisoned, which is mostly, trans women of color that have the greatest chance of coming in contact with systems of oppression (162). Some communities are racist and homophobic and often do not want trans women of color in their communities, which is a concern because their gender nonconformity keep them from getting gainful employment or education and make them a target for violence. There is also a risk of transpersons of Color coming in contact with different sexual diseases, rape, robbery and physical threats, because of the economic or the communities that they had to live in. In the black communities they are not looking at it as prejudices but as a survival skill for the black race (167). The LGBT and the African American have strong similaries with the long struggle for equality.…show more content…
Saffin “This legislation also enforces extremely narrow, binary views of identity,” hate crimes legislation does not protect trans women of color from abuse, incarceration or violence, we need ways to challenge the criminal justice system so that the Transpersons of Color can live a violence free
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