Identity Aft: Crime, And Identity Theft

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Identity Theft IFSM Teddy Hughes April 29, 2017 Identity theft and identity fraud is an illegal act with the intention of obtaining another person identity for criminal or monetary gain ( The emergence of the Internet is allowing consumers to become more vulnerable to becoming victims of identity theft, (Saunders 1998). To the perpetrator their mindset is that this is a victimless crime. Nobody is getting killed, nobody is getting hurt or raped, but in fact identity theft can have a major financial setback for both the victim and the economy. Identity theft is one of the illegal activities to prevent as well as prosecute. Majority of identity theft revolves around the internet. The suspect can be the nice kid from next door, to all the way across the world in Europe and Asian countries. When it comes time to trying these cases or going after the suspects jurisdiction can play a role in that matter. In recent years, it has been reported in the news how major retailers and financial institution has had security breaches within their own security systems. The ethical issues related to identity theft is the emergence of social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other media sites make it easy to connect with people from all over the world. These constant correspondences can make the potential victim comfortable and vulnerable to becoming an actual victim just since trust has been established. Then suddenly the victim receives letters and phone calls

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