Identity And Cultural Globalization

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Conflict in Hong Kong is easily to associate with the Hong Kong-Mainland conflict, it had aroused another related dispute of the representation of self-identification. The media in Hong Kong is playing an important role for the above issue as the majority of local were indoctrinated to exaggerate the conflict by the mass media from Hong Kong and the conflict was being escalated therefore. The conflict incidents in terms of behavior, language, and political were easily found in our everyday life. The media have an impact on the self-identification of Hong Kong people in some extent, based on the theory of cultural globalization, imagined communities, and also symbolic interaction. The following will discuss about the conflicts…show more content…
Legal identity is a relatively objective element as there is a standard to give an identity to people legally. Based on the policy of “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong people are the residents of both Hong Kong and China and it is a fact. However, the other elements like identity of ethic, cultural, geographic are varied across individuals and can be easily influenced. The process of identification is necessary to integrate all four elements and the media is also highly involved in defining the self-identity.

4.1. Cultural Globalization

Cultural globalization refers to conveyance of meanings, values, symbols to create a standardized social relation in worldwide. It is existing in the experience of our everyday life and people influenced by the globalized commodes and ideas to our thoughts and expressions. Even being homogeneity which guide people to experience the same around the world. Somehow, the phenomenon of cultural globalization cause the increasing awareness for protecting the local culture of Hong Kong people. As the globalization is becoming a growing trend, people started to realize that the local culture is actually under the threat of it, and notice the importance of preserving. In some extent, it can be viewed as invigorating the local culture. 

Culture identity is one of the elements to construct the…show more content…
The Hong Kong-Mainland conflicts about behavior, language, and political can be easily found in everyday life because they happened around us. As for self-identification composed of four elements of identity including ethnic, cultural, legal, and geographic, while legal identity is relatively objective and actually a fact that cannot be denied, therefore the discussion has excluded it. For the other three elements, they are 
associated with the sociological concept including cultural globalization, imagined communities and symbolic interaction, and they all related to the problem of building the self-identification. As there is a crisis for the Hong Kong people to being excessive socialization by the mass media, and caused the conflicts become escalated again and again. It is crucial for us to consider the identification of ethic, cultural and geographic, and to ensure the thinking should not be guided, controlled or even stereotyped by the
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