Identity And Expression In Monica Lewinsky's 'The Price Of Shame'

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Identity and Expression Digital identity in the likes of freedom of expression, is contended by some to be constrained due to the impact it has to contemporary digital society, with the that freedom suggestion of expression infringes on other people 's rights and cause harm such as cyberbullying. Patently shown in ' The Price of Shame ‘video, the case examines Monica Lewinsky whose online identities were viewed and humiliated by millions. The scenario links closely to the reading of Fuchs, social media does not cause social issues, it magnifies them , ICT applications such as Facebook or snapchat are implements which aid in these social problems, scholars see them as platforms for behavior i.e. identity to be expressed, which often gives this impression for a trend to be growing. ‘The price of shame’ demonstrates how the web can magnify an issue and have lasting effects (reinforce the notion of the momentum of ICTS) due the marketing ideology businesses aim to make money from the extra attention ICT media gains, through the web 2.0 the internet acts as a supplier while the people who fixate and share it act as the consumers; falsifying that internet is perpetually renewing itself; Christian Fuchs (2014) critiques such to be corporate imperialism, denoting the digital society battles between intention and attention. The ideology of web 2.0 working in favor of corporate gains leads to the wanting of more attention in order to gain more profits rather than the
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