Factors That Influence Career Choice

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Initial choice of career depends on individual decisions’ regarding their background, traits, culture and many others features that will form a unique person. According to Shaffer, 2002, human development is holistic enterprise which means the growth of humankind is develop continuously and on-going process. Development can be formed from many social forces. The experiences and characteristics of one person can be shared through each other, nevertheless the communication and events may interpreted, evaluated and internalized uniquely by different people. Both normal and distinctive developments are important. Therefore, the scholars seek for extra explanation in order to describe the way of youth, teenagers and young adults to formulate the…show more content…
One can make a conclusion that the person plays an active role in the process of forming an initial career choice while participating in activities in their environment. There may be some changes in the rank-like and also regular one. Formation process is both continuous and discontinuous. The main contributing factors that may affect career choices include the following: efficient planning, attitude consistent selection, crystallization of the properties, the personality of the person, socioeconomic status (SES), defective trust, self-knowledge, self-efficacy, freedom of choice, career reputation, interests, gender and personality type. Career process is considered as learned skill and problem solving activities. (Zunker, 2006). Leong and Brown (1995) found that most theories of career choice made five assumptions, and validity of these assumptions arise mainly from a cross-cultural perspective. These assumptions are: 1) career development is a continuous, without interference, and progressive; 2) The decision maker has a way of psychological, social, and economic influence their choice; 3) there is honor in all work; 4) there exists a labor market that is free and open; and 5) the best career option essentially flows from the internal (personal)
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