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The article that I have chosen is’’ Identity, language learning and social class” by Bonny Norton and Kelleen Toohey. This article is under language teaching volume 44 and it was issued 04 on October 2011. This article emphasis on identity and theories of language and how it affect the social class. Basically when it comes to identity, it can be defined as the condition or standard that how people maintain their originality without fake. Language learning is slightly related with identity where to find out the resistance impact of learning a language. Identity plays an important role in language learning where its gives the combination and interaction being done. This article
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Apart from that, they have also stress on the relationship on language learning and teaching and how does its interconnected with post structuralist theory of language, identity and power. Post structuralist approach refers to the performance of gender in a social context. Its also focusing on language thought emphasize the meaning about gender and the identity. Literature review chiefly on the significant and growth of identity in language learning. Norton mentioned that “social identity, investment and language learning drew on post structuralist theories of language and identity to offer new perspectives on language learning and teaching. In addition Block (2007a:864) notes that a post structuralist approach to identity has became the approach of choice among those who seek to explore lines between identity and language learning. The author has come up with new theories or study on identity and language learning in L2 learning. They have an assertion on Martina’s vignette by interconnecting identity and language learning researcher. The first theory is known as contemporary identity where its explainable on the second language acquisition. Example were related with Martina’s identity where she struggle on…show more content…
The elements were discussed in details. The literature review were illustrated clearly. There are several important points on theoretical frameworks where they divided into four section which is on post structuralist theories of language, post structuralist theories of subjectivity, post structuralist theories of positioning. The subtopic were divided into sections where its helps the readers to get a good hint on the particular topic. Expected methods were drew in order to get validity and reliability of a research. In order to identity identity we have to be concern in reliability where we should get an accurate data. So that we can use the data in order to analyzed. In one part, UK,Leung, Harries & Rampton 2004 had collect natural data by using video. Here the ethics is being misused. But in one way, the data is natural and well known as original. When identity and social class being related to language learning, there should be unbiased data where its will lead to get a excellent result. As a conclusion, identity and language learning are complex and dynamic. The review has turn out into more focusing on literature field such as anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. So its about different investment where learners practices in language

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