Identity And Love In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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William Shakespeare’s plays are known for having many elements that hook the reader into the drama that lasts from beginning to end. His comedies are especially interesting, typically featuring arguments and feuds between characters, cases of mistaken identity, and at least one couple who experiences a crazy up and down relationship that usually somehow ends up in love by the end of the play. All of these elements are identifiable in Much Ado About Nothing. A deeper look at the characters of Hero and Claudio typifies how this couple is no different. This couple gets together in an unusual way, witnesses plenty of drama and backstabbing moments that lead the reader through the story wondering what is going to become of these two by the end. Beneath the storyline involving the couple, Shakespeare touches upon multiple themes such as maturity, upholding one’s reputation and love. The story about how Claudio and Hero meet is strange in itself. Claudio is returning from war to the small town of Messina. Upon his return he shares with friends that he is interested in Hero. Hearing this Don Pedro says he will pretend to be Claudio at a masquerade party . This way Don Pedro can tell Hero stories about love that will make her fall in love with Claudio. Even this odd plan gets ruined when Antonio hears Don Pedro saying that he is going to woo Hero. After the party goers split into pairs, there is are a lot of rumors and gossip flying around and Claudio now believes that Don Pedro
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