Identity And Redemption In The Kite Runner

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In this essay, quotes from “Theme of Identity and Redemption in Khaled Hossieni’s The Kite Runner” which written by Niraja Saraswat and “The Kite Runner” from Khaled Hossieni will be used as supporting resources.
Based on the careful reading and detailed analyses,I willclaim the main causes of Amir’s redemption and betrayal in the novel. The moral concern and the consciousness of redemption were illustrated in Khaled Hosseini’s novel “The Kite Runner”. The fundamental causes that urge Amir to redeem after so many years is Amir’s misunderstanding and readjustment in his perceptions of family and race relations, and the Islamic spirit.

At the beginning of the story, the sibling rivalry for parental (Baba’s) love. Amir’s lack of sense of identity
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The kite fighters need to cut the others’ kite lines in the competition.When a kite is cut down and falls off the sky, a group of kids begin to chase the falling kite.They are called “kite runners”. Hassan is a successful “kite runner'’ for the main character Amir, knowing where the kite will land without even watching it. The excited kite competition starts on a sunny day.Amir cuts down the last blue kite and becomes the winner in the competition while Hassan is the person who will run to get the blue kite for Amir.When Hassan goes to run for the blue kite which is “the key to Baba’s heart” (76) for Amir, he says to Amir, “For you a thousand times over”, which reflects Hassan’s loyalty to Amir. Unfortunately, Hassan runs into Assef and two of his henchmen. who are the symbol of evil and cruel in the novel “The Kite Runner” :have once blamed Amir for socializing and communicating with Hassan. Wondering why Hassan is taking so long while Amir waited for a long time for Hassan to return from chasing the kite, he decides to go looking for him. On the way to find Hassan, Amir stops to ask an old man if he has seen him, when talking to the old man, Amir describes Hassan as “our servant’s son” (74). Finally, Amir found out where Hassan is, however, he saw Hassan be bullied by Assef, Assef spat…show more content…
His life with Soraya (his wife didn’t be forgiven by those relatives and friends because of her past life) helps him to discover the spirit of forgiveness in both Christianity and rediscover it in the Islamic belief.” In America, Amir becomes part of the Afghan subculture in California, meets his wife Soraya, and becomes a successful author.”( Theme of Identity and Redemption) And Amir finally realized that at the early years of life, he focusses on the belief of religion but ignored the true spirit is forgiveness. At this time, he received a call from Rahim Khan, who has a close relationship with Baba. He told Amir “There is a way to be good again” Amir went back to Afghanistan, Rahim Khan reveals that Hassan is actually the son of Amir’s father;so Hassan is actually Amir’s half-brother.Amir cannot accept this fact at first, but after a while Amir understands the reason why Baba gives his special love to Hassan.Baba just wants to be redeemed through his special love for Hassan.This discovery related to the life in U.S and helps him find out the way to redemption which is discard the differences in family and race relations and try his best to get Hassan’s son from Afghanistan. Then Amir returned to Taliban-controlled Kabul with a guide called Farid, and searches for Sohrab at the orphanage. In order to get into Taliban territory,

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