Identity Crisis And The Watchmen: A Comparative Analysis

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Although the graphic novels known as Identity Crisis (Brad Meltzer, 2004) and the Watchmen (Alan Moore, 1986) are quite similar in regards to plot line and conflict, they also have a grave amount of differences. Both novels start out with an investigation of a character being murdered. They both also involve a rape scene and the killer being a member, or associated with the superhero team. The killer also frames other characters through the graphic novel in order to hide suspicion. As for the differences, there is also many. An example would be in Identity Crisis, the Justice League wipes Batman’s memory in fear of exposure for the rape case that occurred within one of the heroes. The superhero code does apply to the matters of both comics,…show more content…
The opening scene in both texts is almost the same; they start out with a dead victim. Sue Dibney from Identity Crisis has been burnt to death, and the Comedian was plunged out of a window. As the plot progresses, both murders are investigated only to find that the hero, Ozymandias murdered The Comedian in order to progress with his plans of peace and Jean Lording killed Sue Dibny after she has been raped by Dr. Light. The context behind rape is a similar eventing that occurs in both texts, but is approached differently within The Watchmen. In The Watchmen, The Comedian rapes Sally, but is not punished for his crime and only murdered for being in the way of Ozymandias’ plans to prevent World War III. Identity Crisis is almost more flipped in the rape situation. The rapist lives, and Dr. Light’s story is covered up with lies from any person outside of the Justice League. the Justice League sought that when Batman disagreed with their cover-up for a hero that extreme ties come for extreme measures, so they attempted to wipe his memory. However different it may seem, in the Watchmen, like Identity Crisis, where they protected the hero who committed an immoral act, Rorschach was displeased with Adrian Veidt, otherwise known as Ozymandias. He therefore suggested alerting the public citizens of the United States that the alien…show more content…
It generally states that a hero must masque their true identity and follow a moral code in such that murder, or wielding lethal weapons is immoral. In Identity Crisis, the heroes have a “fall from grace.” Dr. Light rapes Sue, and Ray Palmer’s wife murders Sue Dibny on accident. With that being said, there was also inner conflicts occurring in the Justice League as they attempted to investigate the murder. This then lead to Batman’s memory wiped. As murder, rape, and act out against the hero group is against the morality code in culture, the Justice league almost fought against the hero code when they dealt with new conflict inside the group. As for the Watchmen, the antiheroes dealt with similar standards. The antiheroes not only dealt with conflict within the group, attempting to solve The Comedian’s murder case, but Dr. Manhattan was accused of causing his ex girlfriend of developing cancer. This leads Dr. Manhattan to therefore isolate himself onto Mars after seeing little purpose of himself on Earth accused of discord. This leads to the possibility of some rules within the code becoming unrealistic for the
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