Identity Crisis In African American Literature

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The changing stages of American society have produced critical identity crisis in the blacks. Yet African-Americans live with the mind of slavery and struggle to do a balance between being a black on the one side and an American on the other. They attempt for liberation from a more dominant group identity which is all widespread, but difficult to understand identity which is placed in the core of the individual and further in the core of his communal culture. We will try to summarize the different crisis ,opinions about Wright s ,Toni Morrison and theme of Identity . The center analyzed on concept of identity in colored races and nations who form minority group or are controlled by colonial systems is a search for an inner as well as outer…show more content…
Before to embarking on identity analysis in African American literature, I will shed light on the problems of identity. The goal of the Negro revolution in the United States is a serious attempt to obtain internal and external liberation from the colonial and racial system. There are many examples, as Nehru said that "Gandhi gave India an identity," and this phrase he used the term to define a unity among Indians while insisting on their complete autonomy from the British Empire. The term identity is rarely used without explanation as if it were apparent what it means. A lot of Social scientists occasionally attempt to make it specific, using such terms as " identity "or "sexual identity." "identity crisis,". In the same regard, in order to seek the treatment of these terms as issues of social roles, personal qualities or awareness self-image . According to ethnic relations, this term is referred to as a revolution in cultural, spiritual, political and economic…show more content…
They are provided insufficient space, freedom and are shown little esteem. Their roles are determined by the whites dominated society. However, some of them strive to break away from stereotypical whites controlled structure of the society. They attempt to assert their personal identity and show that they are equal to whites in numerous respects. Richard Wright and Toni Morrison have portrayed in their novels characters as oppressed which they are suffering from the real injustice in American society. It hypothesized that the dominated images of blacks that emerge in their novels are those victims of whites bourgeois domination and capitalist forces engendered by colonialism. The blacks characters in their novels try to establish their social standing in the whites dominated societies. Richard Wright and Toni Morrison focuses on the theme of identity and problems of black identity like (Racism, racial discrimination, injustice and the loss of legitimate rights and self-esteem itc..) in their

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