Identity Crisis In Psychology

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Teenage is the most exciting growth stages for scholars and researchers in the field of Psychology for its special nature in terms of containing many physical, psychological and emotional changes. No doubt that the teenager who fails in achieving the demands and challenges feels disappointed and discouraged, which will eventually motivate him to continue to find his identity. Identity crisis is the main problem in adolescence in which the teenager asks who am I?, What is my role in society? How can I prove my existence? How can I success? And finds himself in front of multiple demands and conflicting ideas, making him/her live multiple conflicts.
However, a teenager who will not success in finding his identity he’ll eventually get lost in
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In my view, I think that the most complicated question that the teenager might face is “Do I really want to be Muslim/Christian/Jewish?! Etc..”, finding yourself belonging to a specific group or religion since the day you were born is kind of scary, you find yourself belonging to things you didn’t choose, so when a person becomes a teenager he/she would start to have doubts over whether they accept their parents decisions about their lives and be satisfied with it or they would start to take different decisions by their own?!, to discuss that I’ve chosen the song “You came to me’’ by Sami Yousuf.
“You came to me in that hour of need when I was so lost, so
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The second stanza shows how his attitude changed, he became full of love and brighter, he starts to be more passionate to be with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we know that only religious people will have the honor to be with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the day of judgment, therefore it shows that he’s eagerly intent to be one of those who will have that honor and by saying “taught me to never judge” he indicates that he’s following the commandments carefully. At the beginning of the third stanza the writer is interpreting the condition of “The lost teenager”; who doesn't know what he exactly wants, he's totally lost in confusion and suddenly he finds the person who'll rescue him so he starts to do anything to thank him for the favor he did, if we think of it in a religious way we would say that he wasn't sure of
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