Identity Crisis Meena Alexander Analysis

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Identity crisis is something everybody faced in their lifetime. The feeling of not knowing oneself is absolutely confusing and, at the same time, terrifying. In this passage, Meena Alexander discussed her exploration with her fractured identity. She exposed what she felt during her identity crisis./ She reinforced her message by utilizing pathos, metaphor, and asyndeton. The author reinforced her message by the use of pathos. Throughout the entire passage, Meena Alexander’s emotion can be easily detected by the readers. Her emotions towards her identity are quite visual. Her chosen dictions is what enhanced her pathos throughout the passage. Her own point of view of how she grew up in her condition shows her feelings that the readers can detect. The emotions played a great role on her fractured identity. Every individual’s identity crisis is solely based on emotions. Meena’s fractured identity is based on her emotions and might be from her experiences during childhood. The emotions towards her fractured identity can be seen by her use of pathos. The author’s message can be conveyed by the use of metaphor. The comparison can be seen throughout this passage on the first paragraph, she starts out with metaphor. It shows what she feels towards herself and her identity. The language she used represents her fractured identity. Her comparison on…show more content…
Meena Alexander utilized the word “fault”, she even defined it in the passage. The word “fault” represents her fractured identity. After asking series of questions, she stated: “What could I ever be but a mass of faults?” She looks at herself and thinks she has a blamable quality of the feature. This plays a massive role in her fractured identity. The effect of this word shows the readers how Meena Alexander describes herself and this represents what she thinks of her identity. This diction shows more insight on her thoughts about what she really thinks of
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