Identity Development

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What is an individual’s identity development? Is it a person’s appearance, the home they live in, family, value, or beliefs? When is personality developed? All individuals have an identity and there is not one like the other. There are several different identities across the world. Each person’s identity is made over the course of a lifetime. According to Erikson of these stages, most relevant to young adults is what is sometimes known as the fidelity stage. This stage is also known as “identity versus role confusion” (McLeod,2013). There are significant factors that help with the development of an appropriate sense of identity. Identity development is the process of exploring and understanding that one is as an individual and as a member…show more content…
Several factors could have a positive or negative influence on the developing of a person’s identity development. Identity development is the process of exploring and understanding that one is as an individual and as a member of a group and integrating these different dimensions to make sense of past, present, and future experiences, as well as managing different contexts. The path of the development of one’s identity and career development impact a person in young adulthood. It is helpful to go back and reference issues of identity development when studying career-making decisions and career development. A part of identity development is having the ability to express goals, the ability to develop plans, and long-term commitments. Displaying behaviors that are needing to accomplish an individual’s goal related to their beliefs about the thought of accomplishing said…show more content…
For instance, family resilience in its context is the family’s capability to adjust positively to life events that are difficult and or different life stressors. This concept begins from a view that is systematically viewed where the originates from a systemic view where vulnerability and protective processes are to jointly interact. Another support network for resilience is community resilience. Resilience is a factor individually and in families. It also can be applied to communities to reduce disparities. There are several different therapies that can be used for treatment in young adults, which can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and Group work. As a counselor I must obtain the qualified skills to set appropriate goals that are reasonable. These goals must be relatable, achievable, observable, and measurable to changes that can be behavioral or cognitive that is relevant to the
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