James Marcia Theory Of Adolescent Identity Formation

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It is argued that the period of adolescence is one of the most difficult periods an individual can experience (Yablonska, 2013). Adolescence can best be described as a period in time were individuals begin to find themselves and or develop a sense of identity (Sigelman & Rider, 2015). Put forward, this paper will discuss James Marcia theory of identity formation among adolescents. Additionally, this paper will draw relevant evidence of identity development with reference to the identity formation theory presented by Marcia from a thirteen year old teenage girl named Tracy. The experiences of Tracy was observed from a movie called “Thirteen” (2003) which will be used to explain and describe identity development among teenagers.
Best defined identity refers to who an individual thinks
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Best defined occupational identity refers to the type of career path an individual wishes to pursue in the future (Inwood & Reid, 2001). Moreover, the efforts of an individual which contribute toward the success of pursuing a career path is significant, as an individual cannot reach their desired career path without working hard, succeeding academically and being committed to a particular goal (Inwood & Reid, 2001). During foreclosure status, Tracy committed to an identity in which she was an A student who excelled, however, when Tracy began experiencing moratorium status, this identity was challenged. This is demonstrated by her grades dropping which results in her failing the academic year, as she no longer see the importance of excelling academically. These actions and behaviour that Tracy displays throughout the movie, that is changing her appearance; become less interested in school as well as becoming sexually curious, align with wanting to be socially accepted by her peers, more importantly to be accepted by Evie and the popularity that comes with this friendship (Singelman &Rider,

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