Identity In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Throughout people’s lives, interactions and relationships with friends shape who they are as well as who they think they are. As an adolescent, a child is always searching for different ways to become an individual, but this is not always what happens. The more a child tries to be different, the more they become like their friends. Everyone can think of at least one time they were influenced by something their friends said more than anything their parents could have said. Friends can also have an emotional impact on an individual. Actions only leave an imprint on someone for short period of time but the things others say will have the greatest impact. Having good supportive friends around who would build up self confidence is an ideal situation…show more content…
He is one of the most respected writers on earth and for good reason. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream there are many clear examples of how friends affect an individual's identity. One of the main characters, Helena, says “How came her eyes so bright? Not with salt tears/ If so, my eyes are oftener washed than hers/ No, no, I am as ugly as a bear” (Shakespeare 61). Helena is upset that the man she loves is in love with her best friend, Hermia. This causes turmoil between best friends and leads to Helena hating herself. Even though it was not a direct action from Hermia, she still had an immense effect on how Helena perceived…show more content…
It is a stereotypical routine that everyone has gone through. Growing up, a child listens to the irrational suggestions that friends make and it may not seem like a monumental event at the time, but when everything adds up, their actions show who they are. If a child acts out in order to impress friends, these actions will carry out through their lives and that is the kind of person they will become. They may not see themselves as they type of person everyone else sees them as, but who you truly are, and who you may think you are can be two completely different people. The earlier evidence provided shows clear examples on how friends greatly affect an individual’s identity and how they perceive
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