Identity In Don Quixote

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Derrida’s “difference” as explained above that it gives the true meaning, where “the first A[ the identity] announces the possibility of an identity, and the second[ identity] makes it actual. But in making it actual, precisely what is lost is the status of the first as possible”.(Russon 95)
On the other hand, the search of identity in Don Quixote is represented by the protagonist Don Quixote. Don Quixote is very similar to Denial Quinn not only the initials, but a journey to acquire true meaning. Cervantes does not give a clear background on Don Quixote, where he is from, his family, his occupation. All that we know is that his true name is Alonso Quixano, he lives with his niece and a wealthy man at the age of fifty, who has a lot of leisure time, and in his leisure time he reads chivalrous novels. One day Alonso Quixano decides to change his name to Don Quixote, dresses as a knight and leave on an adventure. Everyone around him thinks that he has gone mad, and that he lacks the understanding of reality. His division of self is represented in the way that he perceives reality and what reality truly is. He views things and beings around him as if he was in a fictional romance novel; he sees an inn as a castle, prostitutes as princesses, and windmill as a giant…etc. even thou Sancho points about to him the reality of what Don Quixote misinterpret, acting as a reminder of reality, Quixote seems to find excuses after finding the truth. For example, when Quixote thinks that a
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