Fashion And Self Identity

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Agbolabori 1 As consumers, people place items into their shopping carts to help satisfy their needs. Each choice of purchase is based on the products utility value and also the personal symbolic meaning towards that item. There is also an unstated notion of one’s self within a consumer shopping cart and fashion. These unstated notions help define and construct a person’s identity within society by showing their interests, gender, and social class. Every time an item is placed in a shopping cart a piece of one’s identity is shown. For example in the text “Purchasing and Self Identity” the author states that a well-equipped kitchen can give a person the tools to be a cook. Therefore the identity of the cook is revealed within his or hers shopping…show more content…
As the consumer is finalizing their purchase more of their interests are exposed. For instance if a shopper has interests in the athletic sport, basketball, they will purchase more items relating to that specific sport. In result the consumer’s interest in the sport of basketball is displayed for others to see without a stated notion of one’s self. In fact fashion also plays a major role in showcasing a person’s interests. As expressed in both articles “Are You What You Wear” and “Fashion and Social Identity”, one of the function of fashion as it relates to the individual is to indicate their characteristic and interest. For example a Hijab represents an individual’s interests in religion. This is example of how fashion can display the unstated notion of one’s self within an item. Fashion also has the capability of revealing a person’s career interest. For instance a cook, the cook will need to shop for fashionable items that relate his or her career path. These items would consist of an apron, chief hat, and mittens. In fact this can be applied to even a doctor. Doctors have to purchase scrubs and other medical clothing for their career interest and…show more content…
Growing up male children would receive more blocks, trucks, and action figures. In contrast younger females are bought dolls and playhouses. This in result molds their future social identity in the aspect of gender for the future. These implemented gender roles also assist the influence of fashion choices. As stated in the text “Fashion and Social Identity” fashion can help construct a man and a woman’s social image. The social norm for males in terms of fashion is that men are meant to wear pants and clothing that show more of a masculine figure. In difference a woman’s social norm is to wear more dresses, skirts, blouses, and outfits that express her feminine side. These social norms relates to the unstated notion of one’s self by displaying a person’s gender without the need of communication. Within a consumer shopping cart a sense of a person’s social class is identified. In society people are fixed on portrayal and presentation. This in result causes a divide in people when it comes to purchasing. Not everyone can afford a Lamborghini, people with a lower income have a greater chance of struggling to purchase this item compared to a consumer who is wealthier. This for instance this has the capability of affecting your social class. It demonstrates that consumer is not in the upper echelons in terms of social

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