Identity In Frankenstein

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Greeting class and Mr Jolly, as you should know I am Annabelle. Identity is who you are as a person including your beliefs and qualities. Everything you do effects and changes your identity. Identity can be represented by using Visual texts and techniques. Gris Grimly’s graphic novel “Frankenstein”, published in 2013, explores the darkened lives of the Creator and Creature, capturing their characters moving and changing throughout their existence. The film “Edward Scissorhands” directed by Tim Burton, released in 1991, is based on a creature’s everyday life in society and how he is treated differently to others. The way we see ourselves influences the way we interact with those around us. These experiences we have in the world shape our identity.…show more content…
There are many things in life that shape who we are. The happy moments we enjoy, the truly awestruck experiences, and even the really depressing days all shape who we are depending what we experience. There are many different experiences the characters face in the graphic novel Frankenstein. The monster settles with a nice family and learns how to live, expecting everyone to be like them he ventures to the city. The creature experiences harassment from the villagers shown in a low angle shot. This black and white image expresses his undeveloped identity, with the experience conveying worry and confusion. The creature’s identity changed from not knowing the occurrences in the world. The creature has a major effect on Victor’s emotional life. Victor explains "A fiend had snatched from me every hope of future happiness; no creature had ever been so miserable as I was." Victor’s anger is shown through the use of declarative language, also the use of gradual close up shot, conveying lost emotions and having only hate remaining for the monster. His awful experiences of losing all his family members and having nothing left leaves him sick and depressed. Experiences like these change Victors identity, which was then consumed by revenge. In Edward scissor hands, Edward falls in love with Kim and experiences a change. He constantly has this feeling of love which we doesn’t understand. In the end of the film Edward ends up back at his castle and he makes it snow each year. A long shot helps us examine the light and dark contrast of the snow and the sky, representing the change in the community and that he wanted to show people that he can create beauty and not just damage. Our experiences we have in life
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