Identity In I Am The Cheese And The Crossover

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Who am I” is a simple three-word question that the majority of people have difficulty answering. Most people are other people, moreover, thoughts are someone else’s opinion. In the novel “I am the Cheese” and “The Crossover” teens are exploring themselves and understanding their identity. In the Crossover, there is a young boy named Josh Bell. Josh plays basketball like his father, a world-known basketball player, Josh has a Brother named Jordan. Also in the book “I am the Cheese” there’s also a teenage boy named Adam who is discovering himself and his memory’s. Both of the novel's protagonists are on a journey of finding what makes them, them through adolescence. What makes you you, are your actions and your self-image. One of the things …show more content…

It represents his confidence and his talent in basketball. Later on, Dad’s health start to decline and he needs to be hospitalized. Through their father's illness, Josh and Jordan also begin to explore what makes them unique and what makes them who they are. They realize that “Da man” is not just a name, it's an identity and is something that made their dad, their dad. They realize how much actions, events and the things they do affect them and who they are. As a summary, Actions makes us who we are. For Josh Basketball, locks and etc are all a part of who he is. He is a young man discovering who he is more everyday. Another thing that makes you,you is your self image. Your opinion about yourself matters more than anyone else's opinion. Self image and what you think about yourself matters when thinking who you are. One of the key ways in the novel “ I am the cheese” is self-image and identity through Adam's struggle with memory . As he pieces together the memories of his past, he begins to question his own existence. He struggles to reconcile the person he thought he was with the person he is discovering himself to be.The first example for …show more content…

Families' identities are shaped from outside, his dads boring job is not who he is, it's who Grey wants him to be. Adam wonders if it is right to be completely right to be another person in terms of our identity, such as our religion or profession. This can be seen as a reflection of the larger question of how much control we have over our own lives and identity. The jobs and the things that the family is doing right now is not them its Grey. It's Grey’s made up identities. We decide our own identity, we are not someone else just because of a name. Our self image and self opinion about ourselves make us who we are today. Finally, Adam finds his identity “I wonder who the doctor is talking to, this somebody he calls Paul. Who is Paul? I know I am not Paul. There is another name I know about but I can't think of the name now and anyway .I know, of course, who I am, who I will always be I am the cheese”. In this quote the main character Adam (aka Paul) is finally finding himself through lies and memories. In this quote Adam realises that names and outside forces does not make his identity he does. He realises that he is alone and has no one, so he chooses to identify himself as the cheese which links to his childhood song

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