Identity In Into The Wild And The Scarlet Letter

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Finding true identity can be very hard or extremely easy depending on the person. In the novels Into The Wild and The Scarlet Letter, both characters struggle to find their true selves, until discovering the real version. The common theme of finding one’s true identity is used in the works of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne uses a theme of true identity as well as “The Scarlet Letter Poem” by Sarita Milliner. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, uses a theme of man vs. nature. Jon Krakauer's writings about the young man Chris McCandless show how Chris was overconfident in his ability to survive the harsh nature of Alaska. Krakauer uses imagery of the wild Alaskan wilderness to contradict Chris’s ability to survive. Krakauer’s description of the wilderness shows McCandless’s unpreparedness to outlast this fierce biome. Along with imagery, Krakauer uses irony to express a man vs. nature theme. In one example, Chris …show more content…

Milliner uses a rhyming scheme in her poem to explain Hester’s confusion about her identity regarding the “A” on her chest. Milliner writes, “The Scarlet Letter, a symbol of guilt, sin and shame, Was meant to torment me and bring me much pain. But once I was set free I discovered the real me, The ‘A’ represented the person that I was destined to be”. Milliner’s use of rhyming explains the true meaning of the embroidered letter, telling the story of the three words it represents for Hester, adultery, able, and angel. Along with a rhythmic sequence, Milliner uses a device known as an anaphora. Anaphora refers to an earlier word, without using repetition. Milliner uses this device when talking about the theme of true self by describing Hester “living in a world of illusions” and “spinning around in confusion”, which shows her not being able to understand the true meaning of her embroidered scarlet

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