Identity In Little Bees

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A mysterious person is someone who hides their identity, not allowing those around them to see through their facade. In the novel Little Bee by Chris Cleave, the mystery of Little Bees identity is investigated within the novel and the knowledge gained through the mystery shows the meaning of her identity. Little Bee, an illegal refugee from Nigeria, comes to London in search of Andrew, the man who witnessed her sister's death. Little Bee encounters Sarah, Andrews wife, and their son Charlie, who are grieving over the loss of Andrew. The mystery of Little Bees identity is investigated in the novel when Sarah, the mother of Charlie, Lawrence, Sarahs lover, and Little Bee, an illegal refugee search for Charlie on the beach in South London. Little…show more content…
Being distracted Sarah, Lawrence, and Little Bee disregard Charlie and focus on the different things they are doing. Sarah, having to make a phone call, leaves Lawrence and Little Bee to watch over Charlie. Seeing Sarah's absence as an opportune moment to persuade Little Bee, Lawrence offers her money to leave immediately. When Sarah comes back she notices Charlies absence and frantically starts looking for him. Lawrence gives Little Bee his cell phone and tells her that she must call the police in search for Charlie. In this moment Little Bee could leave and start over. She could change her name and identity, leaving Charlie behind. Instead Little Bee courageously calls the police putting herself at risk for incarceration. Lawrence eventually finds Charlie, but Little Bee is already questioned by the authorities. She had thoughts of leaving and starting a new life in London where she could easily fit in with the people surrounding her, but being the affectionate young women that she is, did not want to leave Charlie with Lawrence. Little Bee keeps to herself but when put in a difficult situation exposes herself and her identity to the police in order to save someone she loves. Little Bee has hidden her identity to keep safe not only from the police, but from the people that surround her everyday waiting for the right moment to turn her
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