Identity In Memoir My Invented Country By Isabel Allende

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The identity is a struggle all by its self but imagine adding the men problem it sure is a hard situation. In the Memoir My Invented Country Isabel Allende was already clarifying that she was a feminist. She started noticing with her grandfather because “he was authoritarian and machistas; he was used to treating women like delicate flowers, but the idea of my intellectual respect for them never crossed his mind.” (Allende 112). Her grandfather did not notice her until she would argue with him when she was older. In Chile it is normal for a woman to be submissive to a men and not question their authority. In some cases like Isabel mentions that the women use excuses for having battered faces. For instance “He was Drunk”, “He got angry”, “He was Jealous”, “If he hits me it’s because he loves me”, “Who knows what I did to Provoke him?” (Allende 126). Isabel also explains how Latin America is…show more content…
The first thing that stood out to me was when Nidalis baba is trying to get his point across to her mother, and takes her out in the middle of nowhere. He yells “Out!” and his wife agrees and gets out. (Jarrar 64). At this part of the novel I was angry, how can she allow him to leave her and take the kids. I was angry for two whole days before I could continue reading, Nidalis father is a jerk. Not only was he abusive with his wife he was also abusive with Nidali when she would not perform well in school. He mistreated Nidali “You were exceptional and now you’re nothing! You” he kicked her bottom “are” kicked again “Nothing!” (Jarrar 122) Nidali must have been hating her father, she just wanted to be free. She has her own goals and she is smart already but her father sets all these rules she must follow. He has high expectations with her, and does not care what she has to comment. I understand it is the way he believes but how will she ever fulfill her identity with that father of
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